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Self-Confidence Mastery for Entrepreneurs is a leading-edge  confidence training program that gives you the the step-by-step techniques and support you need overcome fear and hesitation, take decisive action, and inspire others.


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Do you want to share your knowledge and expertise by speaking on stages...

...charge more for your services, and really trust in the value you bring to your clients?

Does your self-confidence ebb and flow...

...and you hear a voice in your head that compares you to others, makes you feel like an impostor, and keeps asking, “What’s the matter with you?"

Are you ready to stop worrying about what others think...

...feel more free, own your confidence, and make a massive difference serving others?

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Take the first step and eliminate the negative self-talk that compares you to others and makes you feel that what you offer is not valuable.


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You know it time to get out on a bigger stage. Join this program and get the knowledge and support you need to get yourself out there and make a huge impact on the people you serve. 

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Ted Usatynski has been guiding entrepreneurs to huge breakthroughs in self-confidence for decades. This is a rare opportunity to get personalized coaching and be part of a growing community focused on helping you shine.

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